Da Luca Málaga
Da Luca Málaga
Da Luca Málaga

In our home, we cook with the passion and tradition of our grandparents from the northern-center of Italy. 

Our best quality products guarantee that our dishes meet the authentic flavors and aromas of Italy.

We invite you to taste our cuisine in an idyllic atmosphere, with a romantic and evocative decoration that transports us back in time to old Italy.

Federico Zandri has worked in the Toscano Corner of Estepona for the last five years and previously, for more than ten years, with great chefs with Michelin stars from Italy such as Mauro Uliassi, Hota Katsuhiro or Massimo Biagiali.

Our Cuisine

When making Bread and Focaccia, we maintain a proper respect for proofing the bread.  Our livened breads are products of a natural sourdough starter, and a selection of soft wheat, semolina, and durum flours, sourced from the old Italian mill of the Polselli family.  This allows us to offer easily digestible products with low gluten content.

Every day we present to you our handmade Pasta Fresca fatta in casa which includes classic egg-based pastas, stuffed pastas, and the most well-known combinations of wheat and flour such as gli Spaghetti. 


Our Pizza, made with natural livened dough, a long fermentation process, and the best raw Italian ingredients, is hand stretched by our master pizzaiolo and cooked in our stone oven in the traditional style of Rome.


Our products are roasted a Josper, an elegant combination between grill and oven in a single machine.  A style of cooking that maintains the pure flavor of the food without losing the juices.